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Training the Whistle Recall

Teach a fun and reliable recall using a whistle.

Coming when called is probably the most important behavior you can teach your dog. It's about security, freedom, and can even be life-saving! Educating Fido will teach you a fun recall using a whistle.

Benefits of Educating Fido's Whistle Recall: The whistle recall is a great tool for many reasons 

  1. If your dog is starting to lose its hearing, the whistle will often be heard
  2. If you have poisoned their "Come" cue, the whistle is a great alternative
  3. If the dog gets lost, the whistle sound travels farther than a verbal recall
  4. The whistle can be heard over nature's sounds - surf, thunder, rain, etc.
  5. The whistle is never annoyed, never angry, never scared or panicked
  6. The whistle sounds the same every time

To enroll in Educating Fido's Whistle Recall Class all dogs MUST be good with other dogs and people since eventually we'll be off leash or leash dragging.
Educating Fido's
Whistle Recall

$160/Five Week Session
Includes Whistle, Lanyard, and 30 Foot Training Lead

All of the dogs MUST be good with other dogs and people,
Eventually dog's be off leash or leash dragging.

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