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Educating Fido

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All training classes at Educating Fido are designed to help build focus, attention and strengthen the relationship between you and your dog. Using positive reinforcement training techniques, we teach you how to communicate with your dog in a way that doesn't try to control or dominate the dog but helps you to better understand how dogs think and learn.

Educating Fido uses reward based training methods to strengthen the relationship between you and your dog. Our trainers are committed to continuing their education to bring you the most up to date, scientifically proven training methods.

Why Reward-Based Training?

No longer is there a need for trainers to resort to the use of physical punishment and intimidation.  Today, reward-based dog trainers are using scientifically proven methods to achieve long-lasting results.  Traditional dog training has focused on what the dog does wrong.  Reward-based training focuses on what the dog does right.  Positive, reward-based trainers set their dogs up for success and reward them for their successes.  By focusing on what the dog does right, and rewarding it, the dog quickly learns that great things happen when they perform good behaviors.  They then offer those behaviors over and over again to keep the rewards coming.  A reward is anything the dog wants or perceives as good and it motivates the dog to repeat the rewarded behavior.  The best part of reward-based training is that you will develop a positive, trusting relationship with your dog that is based on mutual respect and understanding not control and intimidation. Reward-based training methods work well with all types of dogs no matter their age, breed or personality.  It relies on brains not brawn.  There is no need to out-muscle your dog, you just out-smart him! There are many advantages to using reward-based training methods.  One advantage is that it works very well with shy or timid dogs.  Shy dogs figure out quickly that learning is positive and fun!  It increases their confidence level and reduces fear reactions with new people, places and things.  Positive, reward-based training methods also work great with reactive dogs. By rewarding your dog when he/she is calm and focused on you, you teach them to ignore distractions and give you their full attention.  Once you have your reactive dog’s attention, you can then teach behaviors that are incompatible with barking and lunging.

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