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Posted on March 11, 2013 at 10:35 PM

Halle is now 8 months old and in full blown adolescents.  It's been a whirlwind of fun and frustration. I keep reminding myself that this is as bad as it gets. Although she's not asking for a cell phone or the car keys she's likely to chew on them if I don't keep her busy with other activities.

I fill her life with exercise, brain games, problem solving, and training, training, training to keep her mind and body stimulated. We arrange play dates with her doggy friends, take her on romps through the woods to give her a chance to blow off steam and continue to work with her daily on basic manners. We also have her enrolled in K9 Nose Work classes and Obedience classes to train her around distractions, enrirch her life and tire her out. I know that now's not the time to let up on the training.  She enjoys the challenge and we enjoy the outcome of a well behaved dog.

I believe that all of the sits, downs and stays has all been about make me interesting and rewarding enough for Halle to come to me when I call matter what. A reliable recall can be a life saver and is the most important skill that I can teach my dog.  I chose to teach Halle a  recall based on Pam Dennisons's award winning DVD "Trainng the Whistle Recall". It was such a success for us, that I now offer it as a class and it's been hugely successful. 

Here's a gist of how the whistle recall works. 

Week 1 and 2             Whistle/Treat

                          Whistle (two short,one long)

  1. 20-30 reps per session
  2. 3 times a day for two weeks
  3. Do not skip ahead. You must prep the whistle. This is critcial for your dog to make the association the whistle=food

 Week 3 & 4                 Drop the cookie and run , whistle your dog in

  1. Run away
  2. Toss treat (use large treat the dog can find)
  3. Whistle when the dog comes toward you
  4. Be generous with the treats when the dog comes (10-20 treats)
  5. Next toss the cookie farther and whistle her in without moving 

Week 5                      When you know for a FACT your dog is coming to you whistle her in

Week 6                       Whistle while your dog isn’t looking at you but you’re sure she will come

  1. Use a long line
  2. Whistle her in when she isn’t looking at you but you know she will come
  3. Be generous with the treats
  4. Whistle her in when she looks back at you and before she hits the end of the line

 Week 7                       Add distractions slowly and carefully

  1. If she comesreward heavily
  2. If she doesn’tcome go back a few steps.
  3. Practice in manydifferent locations
Keep it exciting and practice a few times a week for the life of your dog.

You can CLICK HERE to register for a "Whistle Recall " class at Educating Fido or 

CLICK HERE to purchase Pam Dennison's "Training the Whistle Recall"



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